Tyrone Hill Mentoring Kids Charitable Foundation Corp


We are a nonprofit Organization that sponsors kids and young adults in summer and training camps to help further their academic and athletic careers in the professional, business world. We also provide kids and young adults with nutritious food to maintain their health, school clothing, training, hygiene products, school supplies, and transportation services when needed.

What We Do


We partner with and aid other charities and nonprofit organizations in efforts to provide kids with more productive, and positive environments.


We provide kids with school materials such as text books, reading books, arts and crafts, as well as athletic equipment so that they are prepared when it comes to education and physical fitness.


We are aware that obesity and unhealthy habits are more common in underprivileged and low income environments. We focus on providing our youth with physical fitness opportunities for better overall health and wellness.

Recent Events

College Gridiron Showcase - 2017- 2022

We gave out scholarships and financial assistance to low income athletes in the 2017 through 2022, NFL draft classes for pro day and combine training. Those that were selected participated in the 2017-2022  Gridiron Showcase in Texas 

Hard Knocks Foundation - 2015 - 2021

We assisted in funding for food, transportation, and hotel costs for kids to attend 7 v 7 tournaments across the country. These kids also visited several prestigious Universities, such as Alabama University, Louisiana State University, University of Notre Dame and others, as well as prominent Junior Colleges for exposure to further their academic and athletic careers; which is important for preparation in the professional world.

Kids Summer Camps Support  - August- 2021

We support kids camp by donating money  towards athletic equipment, school materials, and transportation for summer camps for kids across the country 

Max Davis volunteering at a kids camp (3 Photos)

Football Summer Camp sponsored by Tyrone Hill Mentoring Program August 2021  (1 Photo) 

All-Star Bowl Game Podyum 2022

Just want to thank god for this opportunity my family for helping me make a decision not many people get an opportunity want to thank my mentor @Scouting777 also @PodyumBowl @THESPIRITBOWL for the opportunity let’s work @RiseNDraft @DraftHBCU @CGSAllStar

Josh Butler - Cornerback - Michigan State

Professional Football Player/Model Keyon Thomas

Keyon Thomas talks about his experience with the Tyrone Hill Mentoring Kids Charitable Foundation 


Dominque Martin's experience with Tyrone Hill Mentoring Kids Charitable Foundation Corp


CB Dominque Martin at practice at the 2021 Spring League 

Dominique Martin signed his NFL Green Bay Packers contract August 12, 2021

Safety Ivan Mertilus talks about his high school and college experiences,  and how the Tyrone Hill Mentoring Kids Charitable Foundation Corp has helped him throughout his career:


​Safety  Ivan Mertilus from Lincoln University participates in the the Tropical Bowl in Daytona Beach, FL , and the Hula Bowl in Hawaii, both in January 2021. 

​Sam Franklin Jr. Speaking with an NFL Scout from the Arizona Cardinals at the College Football Senior Bowl All Star Event in January 2020

​Max Davis and Sam Franklin Jr. at a College Football Senior Bowl All Star Event in January 2020

Tre Johnson competing in The Podyum Combine in Florida. His performance and help from the Tyrone Hill Mentoring Program led to an NFL workout in January 2020
Here are some of examples of how we support the community as a Charity Nonprofit Organization

We went to Nigeria to deliver basketballs, encouraging kids to stay off the streets and aid their talents for collegiate opportunities!

Here are some of the athletes that took part in the Mentoring Program

Marquiz Edget - Linebacker - Green Bay Packers

Donatello Brown - Cornerback - Green Bay Packers

Darvin Kidsy Jr. - Wide Receiver- Washington Redskins - Seattle Seahawks 

Darvin Kidsy signs contract with the Seattle Seahawks on Dec 1, 2020

Darvin Kidsy, former Washington Football Team and current Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, expressing his appreciation for the Tyrone Hill Mentoring Kids Charitable Foundation Corp 


Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi - Wide Receiver - Cleveland Browns, XFL New York Guardians Spring League

Montay Crockett - Wide Receiver- Green Bay Packers

Sean Taylor - Safety - Washington Redskins

Antrel Rolle - Cornerback/Safety - Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants, Chicago Bears

Ed Reed - Safety - Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, New York Jets

Santana Moss - Wide Receiver - New York Jets, Washington Redskins

Sinorice Moss - Actor/Model - Wide Receiver - New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, CFL - Saskatchewan Roughriders 

Ishmael Zamora - Wide Receiver - Oakland Raiders

Jeremy Shockey - Tight End - New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers

Bryant Mckinnie - Offensive Lineman - Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins

Andre Johnson - Wide Receiver - Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans

Andre Johnson attending a Nike Combine camp at the University of Miami 

Phillip Buchanon - Cornerback - Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins

Harvey Binford - Wide Receiver - Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, CFL Hamilton Tigercats

Bryce Cheek - Cornerback - Kansas City Chiefs, XFL Los Angeles Wildcats

Douglass McNeil III - Cornerback - Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, CFL BC Lions, AFL Portland Thunder, AFL Albany Empire, AFL Baltimore Brigade, AFL Washington Valor

Pro Football Player



Charity Organizer

Douglas McNeil official website:


Tray Walker - Cornerback - Baltimore Ravens

Anthony Cioffi - Safety - Oakland Raiders, CFL Ottawa Redblacks, New York Jets

Samuel Franklin - Safety - Carolina Panthers 

Zack Moss - Running Back - Buffalo Bills

Marcus Green - Cornerback - University of Memphis - University of ​​Oklahoma

Craig Reynolds - Running Back - Washington Football Team, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars

Jerrime Neal - Wide Receiver - Langston University - The Spring League - Generals

Joseph Boykin - Wide Receiver - Savannah State University - Fan Controlled Football League - Glacier Boyz

Kai Locksley QB/WR Miami Dolphins 

Alonzo Highsmith Sr. - Seahawks Personnel Executive

Other Services

Whether it be assisting athletes with sports specific training, helping them engage in service projects for the community, or advancing them to the next stage of their careers, our organization works hard to take care of athletes, international models, actors, and actresses, while making a huge, positive impact in our communities across the country.

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