Tyrone Hill Mentoring Kids Charitable Foundation Corp

Other Services

Pro Day and Combine Training

Talent is one thing, however fundamental preparation and technique are another. We make sure the football and basketball players that in our program receive the proper training to ensure longevity in their careers. Whether it be for a combine testing event, or a positional workout, they will be prepared.

Career Advancement

Whether it be from high school to college or from the collegiate level to the pros. Whether it's an aspiring international model, actor, or actress in the entertainment world who hasn't been discovered yet. We work hard to get athletes and models in their respected arenas into the spotlight and onto the next level of their careers. 

Community Service and Volunteer Work

The athletes in our program are equipped, trained, and prepared to contribute to making differences in the communities around them. There will always be an emphasis on making a positive difference for those in need of help. We assist athletes in opening their own charity foundations for causes that are important them and their communities. We recognize that volunteering is a great way for players to stay engaged while giving back.